State Inspected Harvest & Processing

Thanks to our local support, we are a Wyoming State Inspected Processing Plant through the Wyoming Department of Agriculture that adopted the USDA standards. We are excited for the feedback and growth we’ve had with our domestic processing clients. We harvest and process Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chevon and other custom requests. Regardless if the product will be going into your restaurants cooler (State Inspected) or in your personal freezer (Custom), we ensure that from beginning to end the animal is treated with professionalism and that the product is processed and packaged in sanitary conditions. This State inspection makes it possible for individual growers AND our local ranchers to help our community GROW LOCAL, BUY LOCAL and EAT LOCAL. We are happy to be here to serve you.

If you are interested purchasing Grass Fed Beef, All Natural Pork, Grass Fed Lamb, Grain Finished Beef, Bison, Elk or anything in between, please contact us to be added onto our mailing list.  You can purchase and have these items shipped to you year round so you too can enjoy high quality meat year round wherever you are! See the Local Shop option from the home page.



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