We offer a 24-48 hour turn around so you can get your meat and your mount where you want it quickly. That is to say, your animal is skinned (if needed), hung in a cooler, cut, wrapped (bagged if its burger) and frozen in 24-48 hours.

1. Intake Ticket
2. Before you arrive you are encouraged to fill out an intake ticket that you print off this website or pickup at our location. This intake ticket allows you to specify how you would like your meat cut for your use. You may also fill one out on your arrival with you Kill.
3. Weighing Your Kill
4. Your animal is weighed on the rail scale as it arrives. We base our cut and wrap fees on this “hanging weight.” Your animal will hang on the rail in the enclosed cooler and bleed out (if needed) before it is cut.
5. Skinning
6. If you have skinned your animal, great! We will do a shallow trim on the hardened or wasted meat on the very outer edges.
7. Re-Skinning
8. If you have skinned your animal and there remains dirt, bugs, or excessive amounts of pepper, we will have to “re” skin your animal so that the dirt and pepper do not taint the meat inside. Re-skinning means we must trim the outside meat and toss it. Be careful with your meat, it is food.
9. Taxidermy Preparation
10. Many Hunters would like to preserve the mount or hide for their uses. We work with all local taxidermists and are happy to recommend you to some. Please specify what kind of mount or cape you would like and we will accommodate.
11. Cut and Wrap
12. Our meat cutters are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable. We refer to the intake ticket, follow your instructions as best we can (clearly you cannot have all burger AND all roasts). Your meat is cut to your specifications. Your prime cuts like loins and steaks are wrapped and your burger bagged in 2lb. Bags. They are carefully placed in tubs specifically labeled for your animal and frozen.
13. Pick-Up
14. We’ll call you when your meat is ready for you to pick-up. We ask you to come quickly as our storage space is limited so we can provide a quick turn-around to all our clients.

We have our own specialty recipes for Breakfast & Hot Italian Sausage. We make you a batch with your own meat only. We do add seasonings and pork to create the product you have selected. IF YOU NEED ANY SPECIAL INGREDIENT SEASONINGS, OR HAVE ALLERGIES, PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS PRIOR TO ORDERING.

Trim Trade is a great way to get specialty meats at lower prices.
Trim Trade is when you contribute a certain number of pounds from your animal to a particular product and receive a portion of that product in return. When you do this, you do not receive your own meat back in that particular product. Your meat is put into the proverbial “POT.”

If you have cut and processed your own Kill at home and just need some help grinding, we’d be happy to do that for you. Please be sure that your meat is clean and boneless.

We know there are several Hunters who would like their meat shipped out of town. We are pleased to help you with that. We provide sturdy shipping boxes, dry ice, packing, and coordination with specified shipper (Fed-Ex, UPS, USPS).

If you have any questions, please give us a ring, we’d be happy to take your call or have you swing by. If you need another service you do not see listed, please let us know.

We welcome you and your feedback.