Taxidermy Prep

We work with all local taxidermists. Their fees are in addition to skinning costs and we coordinate with them for pick ups several times during the hunting season. If you know how you will have it done, we can accommodate you.

Full Cape: Antelope/Deer $  50.00

Euro/Field Cape:   $ matches skinning fee of animal

Elk/Moose $  75.00

Skull Cap   $   5.00

Buffalo $100.00


Cut & Wrap per Pound Hanging Weight (skinned carcass)

$1.20/lb, $85  minimum

Ground-burger $0.00/lb (included with cut and wrap) + cost of beef or pork fat if requested.  We recommend 10% beef fat with red meat wild game burger. Wild game burger is very lean and can even burn. 10% beef fat marries well flavor wise with the wild game red meat and is enough to lubricate the pan when browning ground meat but no much that one needs to drain the pan when finished.



Sausage  (in house with your meat trim – NO MIXED BATCHES)

Breakfast Sausage $ 1.50/lb (20lb min)

Hot Italian Sausage $  1.50 (20lb min)


Trim Trade


Trim trade is TRADING your raw (wet) meat for finished product. Trim meat that would go to burger / sausage  that you decide to trade would be set aside and put in the “pot” and made into something later. That means you will not be getting your own meat back.  The gentleman who does our trim trade products at this time is a gentleman from Casper, WY who has been perfecting his recipes since 1969. You WILL be receiving wild game that has been prepared and made into the following products. They are delicious and a great way to share your meat with others as a gift. Each product is cooked / smoked, frozen and ready to eat in 1 lb portions. This means you may process them further by cooking buts its not necessary.  These items are not shelf stable and should remain frozen until they will be consumed.



The below prices reflect listed commodity cost at time of posting.  We can and DO discount these prices to our clients if we can secure them for lower during the season.

Beef Suet $  1.50/lb added (recommend 10% mixed with game burger)

Pork Suet $  2.00/lb added



After Hours  Fee $20.00/animal

Disclaimer on After Hours: We RARELY ever charge this fee. We know that hunting is unpredictable, and responsible hunters take the time necessary to do a great job. We are here to serve you. We reserve the right to charge it, however, just in case you’re a stinker.


Carcass Cleaning $25.00/animal if necessary (removal of dirt, pepper, etc)

Disclaimer on Carcass Cleaning: We RARELY ever charge this fee either. Hunting is messy. Hunting is outside. Hunting is wild. We have seen the best and the worst. We would like to remind you that the end in mind is actually putting this in your mouth. Sometimes the mess cannot be avoided: we get it! If your carcass is taking double the time to produce quality meat and a high yield, we reserve the right to add this fee on to cover our bases.


Other Services  

Grind Only Services (does not include cleaning of meat)

-bulk grind into large containers or bag: $ 0.50 / lb

-grind and stuff into 1.5 lb chubs : $ 1.00 / lb

* The meat you bring in to grind must be CLEAN and boneless*


Hang Only – No Processing

Clients whose meat we are processing have priority over the cooler. If there is room, we are happy to provide hang-only services. We need to know at the time of drop off that your carcass is a hang only so we don’t roll it into the middle of the cooler in between other aging meat. We need to know when you plan on picking it up. We cannot provide a hang only service for meat that is sour or spoiled. We cannot have fur / hide on, head intact or hooves attached in our cooler to maintain sanitary conditions. We need to have it skinned on arrival or we will charge you for the preparation to place it in the cooler.

Hang Only Fees:

All Wild Game : $25 Intake Fee and $0.10 / lb per first night and every night thereafter.

Example 1 : Bison comes in not skinned needing to be cooled before travel in quarters (we do NOT recommend transporting quarters as they retain heat and have been known to spoil from the inside out, but for this example)

Bison Skinning: $ 100 (must be skinned to enter cooler) + Intake Fee $25 +$0.10 / lb (450 lb carcass) = $70 for the first night. Your plans change and you can’t pick it up the next day like you thought and so you need one more night.  No problem: $ 45 for the second night. Total cost to skin and cool for 2 nights: $215.

Example 2: Elk  comes in skinned and ready to go into the cooler.  Intake Fee $25 + $0.10 / lb (215 lb carcass) = $68 for cooling two nights.

If the cooler has space, we have been known to give you a deal so you can take your meat to process on your own or at least cool enough to travel with.




Heavy Box $15.00/each (includes preparation, packing, sealing, drop off, etc) – Will hold up to 70 lbs +-

WY Interstate Tag $  0. – The Wyoming Game and Fish have changed their regulations on this and you do not need an individual tag for each box to ship or piece, etc. If you need a replacement tag, you can contact the Game & Fish. We are happy to contact them also. We know virtually all of the local personnel. They are great to work with and will respect you as you respect the local regulations and the wildlife.

Dry Ice $  2/lb

Postage Cost  varies by shipping company, weight, destination, etc. For average shipping costs, please call and talk to us directly or check your postal service of choice for rates.

IF product is being shipped or donated, processing fees must be paid in full at time of drop off. A credit card, UPS or FED-EX account number will be required for shipping charges. Shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Hog Island Meats, LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged product.

Any processed meat left in storage after 5 days will accrue a $10.00/day storage fee; beyond 45 days it will be considered abandoned.


Rush Fees

We recommend that almost all wild game carcasses aged 3-14 days. We do RUSH processing all the time and can usually have a product ready within 12-48 hours. We base our RUSH fees on the speed in which you require it AND who is in line in front of you. If we have a full cutting day already scheduled, and we will need to stay after hours to accommodate you, we are happy to do so. During the height of busy season we really try to accommodate every client and their needs and have only rarely had to tell people “no.” Please give us as much notice as possible if you know you are on a tight schedule so we can ensure priority and your space “in line.”