Intake Ticket

We’ve included the attached Intake ticket we use so the Experienced Hunter that plans ahead or the Recent-Starting Hunter that wants to know how it works, can look it over ahead of time.

When you bring us your kill, we need to keep a record of your order and retrieve your tag (which of course will be with your animal). When we take your kill, we also need to know how you want your meat. That is to say, some like more burger than steaks. Some want only the Premium Cuts for Jerky and the rest burger. We need to know what you want to do with your meat. If you’re not sure, we can walk you through it. We’re happy to help.

You can print the INTAKE form below, filled out and ready with your kill or we have plenty of blank intake sheets available for when you arrive. If you are not sure, no problem.  We can talk you through it or write “standard cut” and we will give you a popular mix of what people want including steaks, roasts and ground meat.

ALL HUNTERS: Your animal, however prime the shot, will not be entirely steak and tenderloin. Hand stripped jerky is made from only the premium cuts.  

Extra services that are also provided that you can make a note of on your cut sheet:

Cube Steaks (i.e. Tenderized for country fried or skillet)

Meat ground with Pork or Beef Suet

Cut Sheet 2017

If you are in a hurry and want to just hit the road ( we get it ) …PLEASE let us know so we can indicate your expected / hoped for departure. This pick up time must be approved by the manager on duty and a RUSH fee will be told you when approved.

IF you want to hit the road WITHOUT COMPLETE PROCESSING, we can usually accommodate what is called a

“ROUGH DE-BONE.” With NO CLEANING or TRIMMING or RINSING etc, the meat is removed from the bones and dropped

directly into YOUR COOLER or a box lined with plastic.  This way you can travel more easily and quickly. The fee for this

service is .55/lb.