Hunters Checklist

Hunter’s Checklist

This list is not to be considered a complete checklist of everything you need but it does serve as a good reminder as you plan. Be sure to do your homework and know how to hunt legally and responsibly for your State and region.

  1. Do you have your tag and license?

  2. Double check that the area you plan to hunt is open.

  3. Double check that the area you plan to hunt matches your tag. Keep in mind that there are different area numbers for deer, elk etc. here in Wyoming.

  4. Double check that the animal you plan to hunt is in Season and matches the front of your tag.

  5. Site in your rifle (or bow) before leaving. Be sure you have adequate ammunition.

  6. Be sure to bring the necessary tools you will need to process the animal, at least in part, before leaving the field and plan how you will maneuver your harvest out of the field. We recommend a meat cover of some sort to protect your meat from dirt and debris. To keep your carcass cold, you may want to consider freezing water bottles or milk jugs that will help maintain the cold for a long time without adding moisture to the meat. Shade is incredibly helpful and practical.

  7. Prepare a way to attach your tag to the carcass (string, wire, zip ties).

  8.  Be sure to keep the proof of sex with the carcass, not necessarily attached.

  9. We’ll help you get your meat processed and into the freezer.

  10. Be smart about your hunt. Accidents happen so plan ahead. Take extra camping, first aid and survival gear. Take Bear or Pepper Spray. Tell someone when you are leaving, where you are going, and when you will plan on returning. ENJOY YOUR HUNT!

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